My passion has always been driven towards creative & arts. This platform is therefore an avenue for me to share my inspirations with the world. To display my love for fashion, photography, writings and decor. The goods section has products that caught my eyes and are specially curated and shared by me. I also hope to be able to work alongside with you to create a product that articulates and brings out your personality, musings and inspirations.



I love travelling, but who doesn’t?
I can eat pasta and sushi everyday.
I am 5.1 feet tall, which makes me bitesize.
I am always torn between black and white.
I am a big fan of all things polkadots.
I have a soft spot for marble.
I love rollercoasters, the scarier the better.
I take pride in achieving a tkd black belt at age 12.



Me and my 2 dogs (Jingle & Belle), we come in a package. I am born and bred in Singapore. My partner in crime is Jerome, who also did my website. We have been on an adventure of our lives for 5 years and counting. My family consist of 3 other very supportive and loving members. Dad, Mom, and older brother. My day job is in human resources and I love meeting new people though I wished I had more courage to be a designer from the start. But better late than never. Right now, I spend my free time thinking about how my future house should look like, about weddings and all the young adult questions that people like to ask me about.